Is your network creating jeopardy for your customers and your reputation?

The Cloud Comms market has seen huge growth during the last decade as enterprises move both their voice services and their applications to the cloud. Many service providers’ core networks have grown organically over this time and sit in a high state of jeopardy as their core networks have been updated and changed to meet customer demand with no long-term network planning in place.

This has led to inconsistencies that can be seen across the core in hardware models, software versions, interface numbering, VLAN/IP subnets, routing and network management function. This leaves you with a network that is unpredictable during changes or failures and difficult to provision, manage and troubleshoot. As your customers become more dependent on your network, someday (soon) that before-unnoticed network SPOF may seriously affect your customer’s service along with your business reputation.

It maybe high time to assess your current network status; to evaluate and mitigate exposure to high profile failures; to optimize for future growth and stability and to assess your readiness for the introduction of new technologies such as SD-WAN.

Constant Network Changes can Leave Networks Complex and Confusing

Why not try?

Cavell Professional Services team will work with your network team is a passive manner to download device configurations & output from several commands. There is zero effect on your network & minimal time required by your staff and most of Cavell’s work will be performed offline & remotely, enabling you to carry on uninterrupted.   Once we have stablished the size of your network, we will give you a fixed price on the network audit. This generally runs between €10k – €25k depending on complexity and size.

What do you get?

You will receive a report both mapping the inventory of your network and including a detailed summary highlighting the key issues. Problems encountered during the analysis of the network information will be classified according to problem severity – Information, Warning and Critical – and will be reported using the following format:

Information Issue – Recommendation about situation   that does not implicate service performance degradation

Warning Issue – Recommendation about   problem with potential service performance degradation or   potential operational costs

Critical Issue – Recommendation about problem with   effective service performance degradation or effective operational costs

Design Recommendation – Recommendation pertaining   to potential design changes that may enhance manageability, functionality,   stability and/or performance.

This report will give you an unprecedented vision of your network and the potential points of failure. Delivering clear design guidelines that you need to take to make sure your network is optimized will give you and your customers the peace of mind that you will continue to deliver the best service now and in the future.

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A global pandemic such as Coronavirus may become a universal catalyst which initiates accelerated migration to cloud based technology services.

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