Enterprise Insight Reports

Cavell launched our enterprise reports in 2019 with a view to give the industry a real view of how their customers were changing. This enables you to get an unprecedented vision into what your customers are demanding, what products and features you should be looking at investing in and how you can get those products to market successfully. The reports give you the insight to build insightful marketing messages, detailed product roadmaps and the insight to really deliver the right products to your customers.

Cavell surveyed over 1800 enterprise from across Europe and North America to provide a in-depth view on how they communicate what services enterprises were demanding, how their businesses are changing and what services they are looking to invest in the future. Due to our long history of working in the cloud communications industry, Cavell was able to cross reference what the industry was selling against what enterprises were demanding across multiple different territories.

Once purchased, reports can be accessed through our secure file sharing system. Log in to see your reports here: https://cavellgroupreports.securevdr.com/




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