SD-WAN Enterprise Insight Report: EU vs US

Cavell’s SD WAN enterprise insight report provides a detailed window into the deployments, attitudes and needs of companies when it comes to SD WAN. Our reports help you understand not only how much SD WAN is deployed across the US and EU right now, but also why companies have chosen the technology. What their pain points are, and how they are currently being impacted by WAN and Broadband deployment decisions. Buying this report will give you a solid basis for understanding how enterprises view SD WAN and why it’s a vital ingredient of their digital strategy moving forwards.

Cavell has been conducting research for over 15 years and in 2019 decided to extend that expertise to the enterprise space. It surveyed 1800 companies of various sizes across the EU and US, to draw a solid image of the views and thoughts of enterprises towards both cloud comms and cloud networking technology. This combined with existing industry expertise and discussions with top vendors and providers allows Cavell to provide valuable insight into the markets across both regions.

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