State of SASE Networking 2021

Overview of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technology, trends and market.

About State of SASE Networking 2021

The networking needs of companies continue to shift and change. With 2020 and the large shift to home working, security has become the big challenge to companies of all sizes.

To address this trend, there has been a large growth in interest in Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), a new approach to distributed security that combines needed network tools with cloud-based security solutions. Networking vendors have been at the forefront of this change, many pivoting to offer a SASE solution. 

This report aims to provide an understanding of this transition, to describe SASE, to categorise and understand the vendors that are switching to SASE or have been acquired by companies offering SASE.

Using product data and research gathered through Cavell’s vendor research programme, Cavell hopes to help the market understand the trajectory of network vendors into the SASE space.

What's included

  • Overview of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technology, trends and market 
  • Vendor evaluation and rankings based on product features and channel, and further analysis based on vendor interviews
  • Channel landscape review looking at countries and vendor channel sizes in each country
  • What does the channel ecosystem of these vendors tell us about the market?
  • Should the networking channel offer SASE?
    • 1 hour workshop with Analyst
    • Conclusion slides tailored for your company’s requirements
    • Q&A with an Analyst

Research Portal and Output

The report will be accessible through our research portal alongside white papers available to download and specific customer files.

In the State of SASE Networking: 2021 Report & Workshop Package you will receive a copy of our new ‘State of SASE Networking: 2021’ report alongside an hour’s analyst workshop with Cavell Cloud Networking expert, Senior Research Analyst, Finbarr Goode Begley.


An Analyst workshop is an opportunity for the report specialist Finbarr Goode Begley, Senior Research Analyst at Cavell Group, to present to you the key findings from the research.

This will provide additional context for the research and will highlight the most relevant sections to your company.

Our analysts stay up to date with industry changes and developments. Workshops with our team allow for greater explanation of the research in the wider cloud comms industry and the chance to have your unique questions answered.

Order Report

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