The underlying themes of Cloud Comms Summit London 2020

Last week saw Cavell’s first Cloud Comms Summit event of 2020, which took place in London’s prestigious QEII Centre for the third year in a row. We hosted 8 keynotes, 7 panel discussions and 9 Ten-Minute Tech Talks all sharing one or more underlying theme. We were delighted with the attendance as we welcomed over 300 delegates, representing around 90 service providers, and the key vendors and finance firms from across Europe and the USA. Many thanks for your efforts in attending.

Theme 1: Changing Workplace

The first underlying theme of the event was the changing workplace and future of the workforce. The opening keynote from Matthew Townend examined how and why the increase in remote working, use of subcontractors, automation, and use of cloud applications are the main drivers for change across vertical markets. He explained that, to stand in areas of increased competition caused by globalisation, focus needs to be placed on customer engagement and experience. Cavell’s Enterprise Insights, presented by Dominic Black also followed this theme addressing the topics such as; What does the enterprise actually want? How is the workplace changing? And, what are the adoption drivers for cloud voice? One area of Dom’s presentation – which is expanded in Cavell’s research reports – explored the tools that remote workers across SMBs, mid-market, and large enterprises are using to complete their day-to-day tasks.

Pat Chapman-Pincher, CEO Mentor, international speaker, strategist, and futurist had her own take on how to keep your value in a changing workplace which may incorporate more automation and use of artificial intelligence technology. Pat explained that emotional intelligence cannot be artificially generated so having high emotional intelligence is key to sustaining value – especially within leadership roles. These qualities include being persuasive, stable, consistent, warm and charming, and not being demanding, bossy, stubborn or hard to please.

Theme 2: Broader Customer Demands and M&A

Throughout the day, the theme of broader customer demand and requirement was prominent. Our Panel ‘Reimagined Supply Chain’ explored new customer demands for distributors such as Nuvias and Provu and the impact of more direct routes to market with providers including Babble and Maintel. One result of these discussions highlighted the importance of acquisitions and partnerships to change a business’s position in the market. This was further discussed in the panel, ‘M&A Growth in a Consolidating Market’, hosted by Michael Quinn, a Partner from Q Advisors. Quinn represented Blueface in their recent acquisition by Comcast.

The panel ‘How to serve changing customer demands’ also contributed to the theme of broader customer demands, discussing the growing need for personalised and customisable services. The concluding panel of the day ‘Changing the face of customer engagement with CCaaS, CPaaS and APIs’ also had a great focus on this, discussing the need for more partnerships across the industry which can engender more seamless customer experience provision. Aligning different aspects of business communications is key to providing a consolidated customer engagement approach and organisations will look to service providers to enable this with platforms which possess integration capabilities.

Theme 3: Mega Cloud Competition

During the panel ‘Mega Cloud Competition: Microsoft Opportunity or Threat?’, questions were answered relating to whether it’s best to challenge large competitors, like Microsoft with their Teams application, or to integrate with those services. The question of whether big collaborative solutions such as MS Teams have the versatility to work for both small and large enterprises, or not, was also debated. Scale doesn’t suit all enterprises if the customisation options aren’t available. It may be more effective to acquire a variety of diverse services rather than rely on a single platform provided by one of the cloud giants such as Microsoft. Service providers need to consider their own strategies before determining an approach in relation to adoption of these solutions. The panellists reviewed some of the deployment options available to providers and examined the positives and negatives associated with each.

Conclusion: They all link together

Throughout all of the day’s sessions these three themes were apparent. It is clear that they will be key discussion and action points for the year ahead in the industry.

Thank you again to all those who attended, we hope to see you again at the next Cloud Comms Summit event.

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A global pandemic such as Coronavirus may become a universal catalyst which initiates accelerated migration to cloud based technology services.

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